Bohio Coffee

Art print for Bohio Coffee Roaster in Costa Rica

Bohio Coffee Roasters is a coffee company located in the amazing city of Jaco, Costa Rica. They got in touch after seeing my Neighborhood Series for Atlanta and asked if I would do something similar for Jaco that they could sell at their locations. After a week of researching the town (and immediately wanting to move there) I came up with a couple sketches. 
They had a basic color palette in mind and a few other notes but mostly let me do what I do. The end result is one of my favorite projects I've worked on in a while and I've also found a new town I can't wait to travel to. 
After the first sketch, they thought it would be cool to go with the more traditional huts found on the island. I love the buildings that they have now but the huts definitely added more of an island feel to the print. 

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