I had the chance to illustrate/design the packaging for New Found Glory's record From The Screen To The Stereo Part 3. I believe the only direction I got was have a theater with some punk rocker kids out front. 
I thought this would be a great chance to work on some ornamentation and hand drawn type that paid tribute to vintage movie theaters. The artwork had to be flexible enough to work for the 10" record, the CD, and as a tiny image on Spotify, iTunes, etc. 
I also ended up working on some extras for their DVD packaging including a sticker sheet, embroidered patch, button, postcard and more. 
After all of the album packaging was done, I designed the stage setup for their tour and reworked the original poster for the 2nd leg of the tour with new punk rocker kids and the single in one of the costumes he wore on stage. 

These are cool too

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